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Did you know that germs cannot simply be washed away by just wiping them off? It is the process of disinfection that kills 99.99% of germs on a surface. Regular cleaners often overlook invisible germs. They only clean the surface, but your professional cleaning services in Melbourne can go beyond and take care of surface disinfection for your business.

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We at ICAN Concierge have the knowledge on how to use disinfectants properly to help with infection prevention through the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses in any commercial building. We are a team of experienced, certified, and meticulous cleaners. Cleaning is our joy.

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What Surface Disinfection Can Do For Your Business

Infection Control

There’s no better time to get started to level up your business premises against germs, viruses, disease, and infection. It is important to prioritize the health and safety of all your customer and staff. And you can take your first move to protect your people by providing effective cleaning for prevention and control of common disease like:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Legionnaire’s diseases
And more

Pre-emptive Surface Disinfection

Can you name the dirtiest place in your commercial area? You’ve guessed right, it’s the restroom. Biological waste including urine, stool, body fluids, blood, are the most common source of contamination. That’s why it is important to take pre-emptive surface disinfection steps to keep the restrooms in your building clean at all times.

If not done correctly, deep surface cleaning of the toilet, floors, and hazardous waste could only lead to further contamination. Sometimes, people forget about even the simple hygiene like washing their hands that could lead to easy transfer and spread of contamination to other surfaces they would touch after leaving the restroom.

Germs and viruses easily spread even in seconds. It is important to clean each surface in your area thoroughly to prevent their attack on your employees and customers. Many people come to your office each day, who may potentially carry viruses or infectious diseases. They may not even be aware of the germs they leave in your office chairs, tables, elevator, stairs, and everything they’ve touched. So, pre-emptive surface disinfection is important to target and kill germs and protect others.

ICAN Concierge cares about you and your business. We have been continuously extending our efforts to provide our clients the best cleaning in surface disinfection services for over 12 years. We guarantee that all areas of our service strictly follow the guidelines and compliance standards of cleaning and infection control services.

Have you experienced an outbreak within your company? Whether from COVID-19 or some other easily communicable disease, post-contamination cleaning is imperative to resolving and stopping the outbreak quickly. ICAN Concierge team is well-equipped about proper disinfection, post-contamination cleaning, and waste disposal. Our team of professional cleaners can help get you properly sanitized and back in business quickly.

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The demand for cleaning and disinfecting services in Melbourne dramatically increased from the start of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2019. But with restrictions and implementation of the protocols provided by the government and World Health Organization, we guarantee that every business we clean abides by recommended cleaning and surface disinfection standards.

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