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Did you know that office desks have the potential to contain more than 400 times the germs of a toilet bowl? This could contribute to Australian workers taking an average of 9 sick days per year.

That high number of germs and the possibility to spread easily can be decreased by proper cleaning and disinfection of your commercial area. Every corner, room, restroom, and the common area should be clean, with no exemption. That’s why you need to hire a body corporate cleaning service that could fulfill all your company needs to provide safety for your staff and clients.

What can we do for you?

We offer customized and professional body corporate cleaning service solutions right here in Melbourne.

Our range of services varies from:

Window and door cleaning and disinfection
Rubbish removal and waste disposal
Supply of sanitary bins
Tile and floor care and cleaning
Light cleaning and maintenance
Lighting check and replacement
Regular steam and dry cleaning for upholstery
Emergency flood restoration
High-pressure cleaning
Carpet steam and dry cleaning

Benefits of Body Corporate Cleaning

• Feel safe and secure in your space

We know protecting and prioritizing the safety of your clients and staff is a top priority. Maintaining a good cleanliness system can also reduce the risk of both diseases and injuries.

Hiring a professional body corporate cleaning service can mean both high quality cleaning as well as having someone to regularly inspect your premises for problem areas. With professional cleaners like ICAN Concierge, you can rest assured that health and safety is also our concern. We will properly sanitize as well as notify you of any problems that arise.

• Spotless body corporate environment

Do you often forgot to water or trim the plants in your garden or do you ever wonder where that foul smell is coming from? You forgot once again to assign who’ll empty the trash bins this week. Those things that are often overlooked are just as important as presenting your business to potential clients.

Having someone to maintain your garden or check and remove rubbish in your building is important to help build and maintain your great business reputation. Hiring professional cleaners who never skimp on details can help ease your stress load.

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ICAN Concierge Offers the Best Commercial Cleaning Service in Melbourne

We at ICAN Concierge understand that cleanliness is not only important for your commercial building needs; it’s required. Our team of professionals does not just clean and run. Our team will clean, sanitize, disinfect, and maintain before we go. We have served over a thousand customers who keep coming back to us for all their commercial and body corporate cleaning needs.

We also adapt to your specific body corporate cleaning needs. We understand the need to be competitive in your business and to impress your clients.

We always strive to deliver top quality work. We value your business and the trust that you place in our team. You can rely on us for body corporate cleaning service in Melbourne.

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